Join Mike Cavaggioni and Nathan Webb on the 56th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast to discuss the nuances of performing a 1031 exchange to get the most out of your commercial investments. Nathan has been an international entrepreneur and investor for over seven years now. While running a successful business overseas, he fell in love with real estate and immediately began investment projects in the US market. At first, Nathan chose multifamily for its stability and ability to force appreciation. But eventually, he also pursued 1031 exchanges for the tremendous tax advantages and exponential growth potential they provide. Today, Webb shares how he put those two passions together, providing multifamily acquisition and 1031 exchange services.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is often recommended to people just getting into real estate
  • The benefits of falling in love with project management when renovating a property
  • What a “1031 Exchange” is and how to get the most out of your investment properties
  • When you should contact a qualified intermediary when planning to do an exchange
  • The importance of preparation in a 1031 and how to understand the nuances of its rules.
  • And much more!

 About Nathan Webb:

Nathan Webb is a 1031 Exchange Accommodator. He and his team are the qualified intermediaries required to perform your 1031 Exchange. They leverage their Exchange Software and FinTech to make clients’ exchange 100% electronic, seamless, and secure, providing over $100MM in FDIC protection. 

Nathan also provides 1031 Exchange services all over the United States, specialising in California’s highly nuanced tax code. So far, he and his team have a 20-year track record of performing successful exchanges. They pride themselves on their service, always putting the client first. As an accommodator, Nathan always makes sure to walk his clients through the entire exchange process from one closing table to another.

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