Check out some of the different services we offer.

From Podcast and Video editing to Financial Coaching and Real Estate

Podcast & Video Editing

Check out our Podcast Startup and Monthly packages. We will do audio and video editing and get your podcast episodes and YouTube videos ready for prime time. We have very affordable rates for high quality work.

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Budgeting Consultation

We will review your income, expenses, and debt to come up with a comprehensive budget to eliminate your debt and start investing. We will provide a monthly budget you can use and send it to you via email. 45-60 minute video chat

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Financial Coaching

This is meant to be a monthly call to go over your financial strategy, follow-up, and remain accountable. If you are doing this call, you already made the choice to take control of your finances.

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Buying or Selling a House?

Check out the area’s where we have preferred real estate agents ready to help you with your home buying and investment needs.

Today I did the 60 minute consultation with Mike and he helped me so much! 60 minutes helped me more than what I’ve been trying to do for months! I can’t wait to see what happens with the budget he’s helped me set! Thank you so much Mike!

— LaShonda Narie

Mike has been learning finance on his own time for many years. his hard work pays off now in practical, well thought out advice that works for everyone!

— Christina Haubeil

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