Join Mike Cavaggioni and Rick Mazur on the 54th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast to discuss what you need to know when getting into day trading. Rick Mazur is a financial trader, investor, mentor, and podcast host. Over the years, Rick has owned multiple businesses, creating a diverse portfolio of investments. Nowadays, he helps people become more knowledgeable in the trading space. Today, Rick shares his journey, from starting up an ISP, learning about different investments, and choosing the ones that work for him.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

•       How diversifying investments is vital when working towards financial freedom

•       What vehicles to use when structuring your portfolio for long-term investments

•       Why you should take time to educate yourself before getting into trading

•       The biggest pitfalls people fall into when trying to trade in financial markets

•       How to pick the right plan when getting into trading as a busy professional

•       And much more!

 About Rick Mazur:

Rick Mazur is an entrepreneur who owned his first business as a teenager before starting a tech company focusing on internet solutions in the mid-90s. Rick began to investing about 25 years ago, first with stocks. He then experimented with options and forex, all part-time as more of a hobby. After finding out that combining the proper trading mentors with replicable processes that work, Rick turned the trading dream into reality. 

Rick currently has a mix of long-term stocks consisting of directional plays, dividends, staples, and multi-sector index funds. On the options side, he utilizes medium-term options positions capitalizing on index volatility. For short-term day trading, Rick trades the futures market, which is typically closed by the end of the day.

He grew up and spent most of his life around the Chicagoland area in Illinois. But now, Rick resides in Naples, Florida, opting to be closer to family, warmer weather, and the beach.

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