Join Mike Cavaggioni and Karena Calhoun on the 53rd episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast to discuss how to crush your goals unhindered by marrying your purpose with your authentic self. Karena is a certified mindset and life coach who guides women entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. She helps unveil their authentic selves, discover their purpose, increase their self-confidence, and destroy self-defeating obstacles. In turn, her coaching aids women in reaching their goals and pull their vision towards them. Today, Karena shares her journey, from discovering her authentic self to finding her purpose in helping others do the same.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

●     What inspired Karena to become a mindset coach, and what it is like being one.

●     The difference between passion and purpose, and why the two need to work together.

●     How to peel back the layers of external influences and find your authentic self.

●     The importance of having the right mindset in serving and impacting where you belong.

●     Why you are not defined by the mishaps in your life but by your mindset after the fact.

●     And much more!

 About Karena Calhoun:

 In 2017, Karena Calhoun began a journey of unveiling her authentic self and discovering her true purpose. During this time, she understood that what she had been doing to help women since 2009 through outreach was her purpose and calling. Today, Karena helps women entrepreneurs destroy negative self-talk, overwhelm, and other malicious obstacles that come against their purpose. In addition, she is an international podcast host and rising transformational speaker.

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