Join Mike Cavaggioni and Prashant Kumar on the 52nd episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast to discuss why it is never too late to invest in real estate and how to get started. Prashant is the CEO and founder of My Realty Gains. Here, he assists ultra-busy professionals in identifying excellent investment opportunities, providing stable cash flow, and long-term capital appreciation by purchasing assets. Not only that, Prashant has acquired and managed over $32 million in real estate while running webinars and meetups, speaking on the subject of investing across the country. Today, he shares his journey, from immigrating to the United States to now investing in multifamily.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

●     How “assisted living” works and what goes into managing such properties

●     The abundance mindset and how helping others attracts more wealth

●     Ways to use your IRA to invest in different asset classes, including real estate

●     The importance of taking things slow when learning to invest in any asset class

●     How to build generational wealth from the compounding effect of passive cash flow

●     And much more!

About Prashant Kumar:

Prashant Kumar is an enthusiastic, passionate, and goal-oriented multifamily operator. He applies his 25+ years of experience in corporate America to analyzing income and expenses, calculating Net Operating Income (NOI), and calculating purchase prices based on NOI and Market Cap rates. Prashant acquires and holds stable, income-producing multifamily apartment complexes in emerging US markets with long-term capital appreciation. He runs meetups in NY and online masterminds with many groups while doing JV and syndication deals. In addition, Prashant has a passion for purchasing Assisted Living Properties.

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