Podcast Ep 47 – From House Hacking to Multi-Family with Ramsey Blankenship

Join Mike Cavaggioni and Ramsey Blankenship on the 47th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast as they discuss the scalability of multi-family and the signs of a thriving real estate market. Ramsey Blankenship is a Navy Explosive Ordinance Technician, diving instructor, and one of the founders of Real Focus Capital. Here, they acquire and manage value-add, commercial multi-family properties in the Southeast. The company aims to provide high-yield risk-adjusted returns and generate passive income for its investors. Today, Ramsey shares his journey, from getting into real estate through house-hacking to investing in multi-family properties.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

● “How I can afford this?” mentality and how to live the life you want while investing in anything, real estate, stock market, etc.

● The value of “putting yourself out there” and how the best partnerships are outside your comfort zone.

● The five market vital signs and how understanding macrostatistics can tell you what markets to invest in.

● What goes into transitioning from residential to commercial real estate and the economy of scale.

● The difference between investing in real estate versus other assets and the different cash flow means it provides.

● And much more!

About Ramsey Blankenship:

From Southwest Louisiana, Ramsey Blankenship joined the US Navy shortly after graduating high school. He is currently a Master Chief Petty Officer Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technician in the US Navy Special Operations. Ramsey understands the importance of paying attention to detail while working under pressure as a free-fall parachutist and Navy diver.

Ramsey is also an experienced investor specializing in converting distressed properties into income-producing assets. He currently owns multiple rental units across three states, is a graduate of Multifamily University, and is a member of the MultifamilyU investor group. Mr. Blankenship now lives in San Diego, California, is a father of two, and is married to his beautiful wife, Hope.

Find Ramsey Blankenship on:

Website: https://realfocus.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramsey-blankenship-35a56137

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