Ep 6 – Christine Teh | Money Queen – Finance Coach

In this episode, we interview Christine Teh from Teh Financial Coaching. She shares her unique perspective on building a relationship with money and how it should be treated the same way any other healthy relationship should be treated.

Christine Teh is a second-generation Chinese born and raised in the Philippines. She immigrated to the United States to continue her college education and seek out opportunities in corporate America. She worked at various large companies such as First Data, Wells Fargo and Visa all while taking night classes. She explains how she developed a passion for finances and turned that passion into a full-time career. It started off as a “side-hustle” for her, but with her continued drive, she managed to get her new business to the point where it was paying her expenses and she cold leave the corporate rat race. She explains how being profitable while doing something you love and enjoy is so valuable. Check out her story in the video and on the podcast. You can find out more about Christine and her financial coaching business by visiting her links below.






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