Ep 25 – Should you use a Financial Coach or Financial Advisor with Brian Thorp | Wealthtender

🎙 In this episode we discuss when you should use a financial coach or a financial advisor with the founder of Wealthtender, Brian Thorp. We discussed in detail about when it’s appropriate to use a coach or an advisor. We also spoke about how it’s important to have that person to help hold you accountable in your own financial journey.

In 2019, Brian left his high paying six-figure financial services career in Texas to launch a startup. Crazy? Perhaps! He started working remotely from a small beach town in Mexico building a business to help millions of Americans achieve their financial goals. Everyone’s finances have been impacted by the pandemic and the need for useful advice and guidance has become more important than ever. Brian believes there’s never been a better time for our audience to find help with money matters from someone they can trust who truly understands their individual needs. He’s a huge fan of technology, but when it comes to financial advice and guidance, he explains why he believes artificial intelligence is no substitute for actual human intelligence.

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