Ep 17 – My Interview on the My Future Business Podcast

My Interview on the My Future Business Podcast.

Show Notes from My Future Business Podcast:

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with property investor and founder of Average Joe Finances Mr. Michael Cavaggioni talking about investing and wealth creation.
Mike grew up on Long Island, NY and enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17 as an E1 (the lowest rank in the military). He worked his way up the enlisted ranks to E6 and an eventual commission as an officer. With 18 years of service and approaching retirement, Mike began focusing on building financial independence and wealth.

Through Average Joe Finance, Mike is on a mission to educate people about wealth creation. To do this, Mike also hosts the Average Joe Finances [AJF] podcast, runs the AJF YouTube channel, and is a contributing writer and editor for the AJF blog.

During today’s call, Mike shares insights into smart investing strategies for millennials, how to “find” money for savings and investments, the keys to building wealth, the value of side hustles, and how to create multiple income streams, passive income and steps you can take in preparing for your retirement.

Mike’s mission with Average Joe Finances is to help people realize their growth potential no matter their income level, and wants to help you become financially independent and wealthy.

Links to the original episode: https://myfuturebusiness.com/mike-cavaggioni/

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