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So, you want to make some more money and work from home?  Well, there are many people who will try to sell you different ways to make money online without working.  They sell this dream of passive income, making millions of dollars online.  While it IS possible to make a good amount of money online, it is also important to understand that it takes WORK (hence the term HUSTLE).  There are many different “side hustles” out there, so, choose ones that work.  Here are a few “side hustles” that I have done… some worked, others not so much:

I designed some T-shirts to sell online with Teespring… that didn’t really work out.  However, it cost me nothing to make and what the heck, if you want one, check them out here https://teespring.com/lifting-is-fun or https://teespring.com/plant-powered-fitness (They are vegetarian and fitness based)  I opened a Shopify Store and it was actually doing quite well.  I was making an additional $1,500-$2,500 a month, but I couldn’t keep up with the orders and inventory due to my day job (thanks Navy).  I tried to show my wife how to do it, but she didn’t have the time either (thanks homeschooling).  It’s all good though.

Now, I focus on investing my money in my retirement accounts and my other portfolios to have my money make more money.  I do enjoy watching it grow and enjoy collecting my Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) dividends.  I am hoping that one day this blog will generate another small income that I will use towards other investments.

Other “side hustles” that word is affiliate marketing and even writing online.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog like this.  There are other websites you can write for or even write blog posts for blogs owned by someone else.  Some bloggers will pay for someone to write an article for them.  Writing To Wealth is one that I am looking into now.  You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/2L4DGoZ and start browsing 1,000s of writing jobs.  If you can dedicate one hour per week, you can make some decent money.  Fivrr is a great way to do some work online by offering “gigs” for sale.  You can check them out here http://bit.ly/2NBPUrf and make an account.

Another “side hustle” is one I just did above.  That’s called affiliate marketing.  With affiliate marketing, you basically promote someone else’s already made product and get a commission when someone makes a purchase off of the link you provided.  It can be time consuming depending on how much you want to make, however, it’s a method that works.

If you are just looking for another job either from home or at a physical location, it is important that your resume is strong.  Having a LinkedIn profile is a great start and can even generate a free resume for you to use as a start.  If you want to make that resume pop to get more calls for interview, you need to have a good cover page.  Here is another affiliate link you can check out that can help you with this cover page.  http://bit.ly/2JgMshx

There are so many more “side hustles” out there that are legit and can make you some decent money.  It’s important that you put forth the effort to make those “side hustles” work.  That means you need to work.  If something seems too good to be true, it probably is…  I hope this post was helpful and that you were able to get a little something to take away from this.  Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.

Mike Cavaggioni
Mike Cavaggioni

Mike Cavaggioni is an Active Duty Officer in the U.S. Navy, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, Real Estate Investor, and Finance Coach located in Honolulu, HI. He is the founder of Average Joe Finances and host of the Average Joe Finances Podcast. Mike is building a community for people to come together to learn and build their wealth.

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