We are doing an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


To celebrate the Average Joe Finances Podcast’s first birthday, we are doing another Amazon gift card giveaway. We will do it the same way as last time. This time, you can have up to 6 entries. The winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

1. Invite 10 people to the Facebook group (1 entry)

2. Write a podcast review on Apple Podcasts and take a screenshot (1 entry)

3. Write a podcast review on Stitcher and take a screenshot (1 entry)

4. Write a podcast review on Wealthtender and take a screenshot (you can leave a review below) (1 entry)

5. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and take a screenshot(1 entry)

6. Join our email list (1 entry)

For entries 2 through 5, send your screenshot to The screenshot makes it easier to identify who you are

  • Note – Every entry will carry over to our next giveaway so make sure you get yours in. Each time we do a giveaway, inviting 10 or more people to the group will always get you one more entry.

No entries after 27 August 4PM HST.

We will draw the winner and announce them on Saturday 28 August!


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